Hi! I'm Tony, an entrepreneur who builds transformative digital companies and innovative products.
In my most notable venture, Overgear, I've transformed a love for gaming into a groundbreaking business.
But Overgear isn't just a business; it demonstrates how dedicated teams, empowered by technology and automation, can revolutionize industries and deliver remarkable user experiences.

And my journey has only begun. I'm always on the hunt for fresh opportunities and new challenges. Driven by a relentless desire to learn and innovate, I continually strive to foster growth within my digital ventures.

Get in touch with me:
email: [email protected]
phone number: +971 5858-0-5895 (WhatsApp)
Tony Doronin
Co-founder of Cases4real.com
Founder of Redditor Agency
Co-founder and CEO of Overgear.com